Online Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

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Moving away from online casino Canada, this guide will focus on cricket. And, if you didn’t think it’s possible, there could be a different way to enjoy cricket even more. Many people increase their fun and excitement not only by watching, but by cricket online betting. If you have never bet on cricket online before, don’t worry! In our guide we are going to cover everything from live cricket betting to sports betting sites you should look out for, as well as a healthy dose of the best cricket betting tips. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of cricket online betting.

Is Cricket Betting Only for the Pros?

Learning how to bet on cricket might seem complicated to someone that has never done it before and might seem too confusing to begin. However it isn’t rocket science and you certainly don’t have to be a cricket betting pro before you place your first bets. Everyone has to start out somewhere!

If you feel like you are interested in trying out cricket betting for your first cricket betting session, then the next section will cover some of the basic bets you should know -and might have already heard of! - for cricket betting.

The Different Bets You Can Make with Online Cricket Betting

If you asked cricket fanatics what their strategies for cricket online betting would be, you would probably be able to find some similarities between all the answers. The total list of cricket bets you can make is quite overwhelming not including all the interesting and obscure bets from the cricket bookies online. However, it’s always best to start at the cricket betting basics, so we will cover some of the most popular types of cricket bets you can make.

  • Coin Toss: Used to decide which team will bat first, the coin toss bet is simply a choice of heads or tails. This is a simple and straightforward bet with a 50/50 chance of being correct and a perfect introduction to bet on cricket online. As the coin toss takes place around half an hour before the match, it’s a great way to get into the excitement of the match.
  • Match Winner: This one almost needs no explanation it’s that simple. Take this bet if you feel like you can predict the winning team of the match. Make sure you look around for the best cricket online betting odds before placing your bet.
  • First Wicket: Another classic for cricket online betting. There are a number of ways for a wicket to fall such as being caught, run out, stumped, and bowled. If you have a prediction of how the first one will happen, this is the one for you. Keep an eye out for the playing patters of the batsmen and bowlers to help make your choice.
  • Total Match Boundaries: This refers to the total amount of fours and sixes achieved by a batting side will get in a single game. This might need a bit of cricket betting knowledge as the style of the batsmen as it’s completely dependent on this.
  • Man of the Match: This is another staple for cricket online betting. The outcome of this bet has no effect on the actual match, so it’s referred to as a proposition bet. If you think you know by the end of the match which player has shown the best performance, then this one is for you.

We have only covered a few cricket bets here. Check out the guide on cricket betting found at for more cricket bets as well as more online cricket betting tips.

How Does Live Cricket Betting Work?

If you are truly wanting to take your cricket excitement up a notch, it’s possible to find cricket bookies online that offer live cricket betting. This essentially means that cricket betting is possible on a game while it’s currently happening, allowing you to react to live actions that could change the course of a match. In addition, this means depending on the game play, the live cricket betting odds can change. No matter if you are following the Cricket World Cup, One Day International, Test Cricket, the Indian Premier League, or Twenty20, sites like ESPN cricket news will keep you up to date with live cricket scores and give you all the need to know information about the matches for cricket betting!

Can I Bet Using Cricket Betting Apps?

Absolutely! Convenience is shaping today’s world and many cricket bookies online making sure they can cater to this. The biggest advantage to using cricket betting apps is that you can bet on the go, making it easy and simple to make cricket live betting that bit easier. Most cricket betting apps can be downloaded quickly with a fully optimised experience, so you won’t miss out on anything from the main site. In addition, cricket betting apps are not just for placing bets. You will be able to get all the information about upcoming and live matches to help you stay on top of the game.

Take Note of the Best Cricket Betting Tips

If you spoke to any cricket betting pro about cricket betting tips, they would no doubt first mention the weather. Unlike with football and rugby where the weather won’t affect the game play much, with cricket it is a whole different story. Some people can get caught out with cricket online betting as a match be called off due to the rain, or at least lose some portions of it. Weather conditions such as an exceptionally hot day or an overcast day can also influence the results of the match.

Following on from this is taking into consideration the type of pitch. Green pitches are usually ideal for fast bowlers, allowing the ball to seam after pitching. Dusty pitches are ideal for spinners as the ball can grip the surface more, while dead pitches are betting friendly. Strong sun can also dry out and crack the surface of a pitch, so that’s why before you bet on cricket online, you must make sure to check the weather forecast and the pitch conditions. Take some time to think how it could affect the match.

Some online cricket betting tips include comparing different cricket betting sites to find the best odds for the match. Find a reputable cricket online betting comparison site to do the hard work for you!

Is it Legal to Bet on Cricket?

Cricket online betting is perfectly legal in India, providing you are residing in states that allow it. Karnataka is the most recent state to ban online gambling following Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is possible that more states will begin to ban online gambling in the form of cricket betting in the future. Be sure to check the law from whatever state you are living in to make sure you can bet on cricket online while complying with all the laws.

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